Do Organic Foods Have A Higher Nutritional Value

Do Organic Foods Have A Higher Nutritional Value

Over the last few years, the organic food industry has seen exceptional growth. Once only available in the leading health stores, you can now find organic foods in most supermarkets.

But why is everybody suddenly obsessed with eating organic? Could it be that it has a higher nutritional value? Well, the answer is yes. According to this research, organic foods tend to have a higher nutrient content and are said to offer numerous benefits to the user.

Does Organic Food Have More Nutrients

Organic farmers follow certain guidelines to ensure their crops are free of artificial chemicals and preservatives. While both conventional and organic foods may look the same on the outside, they differ in nutritional content.

Kid likes strawberry.

There is plenty of evidence that organically produced foods contain more nutrients and have lower nitrate levels. Special measures are taken to ensure organic farming follows these goals:

  • Reduces pollution
  • Enhances water and soil quality
  • ​Provides, healthy, livestock habitats

Organic farming discourages the following practices:

  • Use of synthetic fertilizers to boost nutrient content in the soil
  • Using sewage sludge in the form of fertilizers
  • ​Pest control using artificially manufactured pesticides
  • ​Using growth hormones and antibiotics for livestock
  • Use of irradiation to eliminate pests and diseases or for preserving food
  • Use of genetic engineering to improve the quality of crop and boost pest resistance

What Are The Benefits Of Organic Food

Here are some of the benefits of organic food you should know about:

Antibiotic Resistance

Because of the rise of dangerous diseases, people have become very sensitive when it comes to matters revolving around their health. Most people have become conscious of their diet and take necessary precautions to remain healthy. Some of the most common ways to prevent illness and dangerous diseases are by taking vaccines and antibiotics.

Antibiotic Resistance.

The problem is, non-organic farmers also feed their animals with antibiotics. Taking extra doses of medicine can lead to the reshaping of the immune system, making it unable to defend itself, leading to antibiotic resistance. Fortunately, organic dairy farmers and food growers do not use antibiotics.

Boosts Overall Health

Since organic farmers don't use chemical fertilizers, you don't have to worry about consuming foods containing traces of dangerous chemical substances that might negatively impact your health. Organic farmers use natural fertilizers such as compost and manure which are safer alternatives to commercially manufactured fertilizers.

Better Taste

Most folks claim that organic foods taste better compared to conventional foods. The most primary reason for this can be the production processes for organic food items. Additionally, since organic foods are available locally, you can ensure the produce is fresh.

Organic foods taste better.

Unlike conventional food items, the makers don't ship, transport, or freeze organic foods over long distances, which preserves the quality of the food, resulting in better taste.

These are just a few reasons why you should switch to organic foods today.

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