The Motherhood Collection Ultra Soft Baby Towels Review

The Motherhood Collection Ultra Soft Baby Towels Review

We've all used towels that felt like the wire copper used to wipe stoves or sandpaper. It doesn't feel right. It also doesn't get the job done of cleaning your face, or your child's in a pleasant way. Some towels for cleaning are made of harsh materials that are cheap and contain chemical additives to make them last longer.

It’s a pain. It shouldn’t be hard to pick up quality face and body towels for you or your child to use that don’t degrade for a fair price. I’ve tried searching everywhere from my local department store to countless droning on websites online that promised to deliver comfort but fell short.

Fortunately, I recently picked up a few boxes of towels that didn’t irritate my skin nor that of my infant.

About The Product

The Motherhood Collection is part of a perfect assortment of baby and adult friendly products that caress the skin opposed to grind against it. It's ideal for removing makeup, lightly cleaning up your tender baby's face or just washing yours.

Made from an exclusive blend of bamboo reduced through a distinct shredding and softening process, it is the right amount of absorbent and soft.

Product Specs:

  • Six Bamboo Reduction Towelettes Included
  • Light Weight And Quality Durability For Softness
  • ​Made Of 100% Natural Materials
  • One Quality Holder For Your Towels
The Motherhood Collection Ultra Soft Baby Towels pack and roll

Upon comparing these towels to other store bought towels, the difference is apparent. The scratchiness that comes from using subpar materials can go a long way to discouraging me from using it long term. I want to be able to dig deep and get out any dirt or built up oil on my skin without having to worry about irritating it.

Used for makeup in conjunction with a cleaning solution, it prevents boils and irritation based pimples from every popping up. It can be used to apply or remove facemasks when used lightly as well without worrying about ruining the towel itself.

At the same time, using it for my tender skinned infant, it didn't make him as uncomfortable as other towels did. The size of the towel is less than most bathroom hand towels but bigger than your standard body cloth.

It has the right amount of drench ability for being able to get it wet without having it dripping and creating a bigger mess.

What Others Say

  • Many mothers have said that it is perfect for newborns as it is incredibly soft and doesn't seem to be abrasive to their skin. It works well with kids that don't know how to self-feed but need a clean up in the messy aftermath.
  • If you require something that is soft, it works well. The five that come in the pack can be enough but in the event of tearing it's best to have an extra box on hand. It is essential if you have a baby that goes through baths a few times a day.
  • They work well for short-term use especially well. The bamboo basis for its creation can make it a bit ineffective to use the long term since it can be slightly more brittle for harsher jobs.

Insider Information

There are a few things about this product to keep in mind. Because of the materials, while it is better than others due to its softness, like all soft materials it can be a bit brittle. The towels aren’t something recommended for overall body use. They should be limited to adult faces and baby’s bodies and face.

Next, the material itself can come a bit frayed at the ends. It’s important to avoid any sticky or catchable sharp ends that can cause tearing in the cloth itself.

The Motherhood Collection Ultra Soft Baby Towels Rolled

Most of the damage that leads to these lasting a short amount of time is from not caring for them or not being careful. Too much moisture for too long with too hard scrubbing can also cause it to break down over time.

The only other thing that stands out to some as a negative is that they are made in China. This in itself shouldn't remove the product from your list of buyable. It is designed in the United States and produced in China in an eco-friendly environment. Their quality speaks for itself.

Buying Advice

There are a lot of reasons for the purchase of a Motherhood collection baby towel. There is a substantial difference between organic and natural based products.

Everything that is organic is not necessarily free of additives. There are plenty of natural products that are loaded with an abundance of materials that can cause rashes, health problems or other issues.

The Motherhood Collection Ultra Soft Baby Towel

For purchasing quality towels, consider ones that use high-quality substances or natural based processes of creation. Some infants that are early can have eye issues that need to be carefully kept clean. Using a soft additive free towel can ensure that your child can avoid any potential long term problems.

Only order from authorized sellers through sites such as Amazon. They provide the fastest low priced or even free shipping for those that are avid Amazon Prime users.

Final Thoughts

The Motherhood Collection Ultra Soft Baby Towels are perfect for anyone to use that cares about quality. While they aren't as durable as cotton, they last well for the amount of comfort they provide and are better for those with sensitive skin.

At their low price and speedy delivery, they work well for the most long term for both their own dermatological and infantile uses.

The Motherhood Collection Ultra Soft Baby Towels layed out

I would recommend picking up at least a pack to give it a try. Few are disappointed by the experience when used correctly.

They work better than your generic washcloth and enhance your face with a smoothness that can only be obtained by using a carefully crafted towel to wipe away contaminants without additives. The Motherhood Collection Ultra Soft Baby Towels are truly one of a kind quality towels for all ages.

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