Happy Tot Organics Super Foods Review

Happy Tot Organics Super Foods

It’s no secret that there are tons of benefits of using organic ingredients. Concerned parents from around the world are now switching to organic produce not only for themselves but for their little ones too.

Once your baby is old enough to eat solid food, it is time you start making healthy food choices that will affect your baby’s growth and development later on in life.

Most commercial baby food brands are loaded with artificial chemicals, fertilizers, anti-biotic, pesticides and residues. Not to mention that baby food available in jars includes a range of preservatives to prevent spoilage.

While making home-made baby food would be the best option, busy moms and dads may not have the time to prepare a fresh batch of baby food every day. Rest assured, there are tons of healthy brands out there for concerned parents to choose from.

Happy Tot Foods

About The Product

Organic Super Foods is a brand committed to happy living and healthy eating. Parents can now conveniently introduce super foods in their little one’s diet.

This food pouch is made using delicious yet nutritious ingredients, including spinach, mango and pear. The company also adds a handful of Salba chia that contains added nutrients and fibers. Some notable benefits of Organic Super Foods include:

  • Organic Fruits and Vegetables: The Organic Super Foods formula incorporates vegetables and fruits. The brand utilizes classic first foods, such as pears, apples, kale and blueberries that help your little one grow.
  • Nutritious Grains and Seeds: The formula contains a variety of nutritious ingredients, including chia, seeds, ancient grains, quinoa and proteins. This offers your child just the right amount of nutrients and minerals he needs for leading a healthy life. Best of all, the products are all gluten-free.
  • Vitamins and Micronutrients: From digestion, choline, and probiotics to brain health, Organic Super Foods contain everything your child needs to lead a healthy life. These nutrients serve as a powerhouse for your child’s well-being and offer you a natural means of providing nutritional goodness.
  • Peace of Mind: By opting for Organic Super Foods, you can rest assured your kids are getting optimal nutrition of the highest quality. The brand’s products are certified organic and are made without using artificial flavors and colorings. Additionally, the brand also uses BPA-free packaging.
  • Enlightened Nutrition: When you feed your child Happy Tot Organics Super Foods, you can rest assured that every bite is nutritious and free from chemicals. The brand works with certified nutritionists and pediatricians to develop healthy recipes using the highest quality organic fruits and vegetables. Experts also go the extra mile to add age-appropriate nutrients.
  • Bundle Deals: Log on to Organic Happy Family’s official website and check out their amazing deals and discounts. Parents can choose from a variety of snacks, fruit and vegetable pouches their baby will enjoy!

What Others Say

Most customers were quite happy with the product and had left behind positive reviews. Most parents agreed the product was much healthier than other baby food brands in the market and did not contain any empty calories.

With the Happy Tot Organics Super Foods, Pears, Mangos and Spinach + Super Chia, parents can conveniently feed their little ones vegetables, such as spinach, kale and other healthy greens without putting in much effort.

Creative parents can also use the baby food as an alternative to using jelly on sandwiches or use it for baking cupcakes. Parents were happy to find out that the chia seeds did not change the texture or consistency of the baby food, making Happy Tot Organics Super Foods, Pears, Mangos and Spinach + Super Chia an option that both their 1 and 3-year olds can enjoy.

On the downside, a parent complained that the company changed the ingredients without any notice. This altered the nutritional facts and caused a customer to become angry. However, it should be noted that a brand representative contacted the customer and was happy to answer any queries.

According to the FDA, swollen or leaking pouches may be an indication of possible contamination caused by bacteria, which can lead to an illness. In such cases, parents are advised not to touch said pouches and keep them away not only from babies but pets too.

Happy Tot Organics Super Morning

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Buying Advice

You can purchase the Happy Tot Organics Super Foods, Pears, Mangos and Spinach + Super Chia (Pack of 16) at a discounted rate of $24 if you subscribe. Parents can choose from 16 exciting flavors including Apple Spinach Pea and Broccoli, 4 Flavor Variety Pack, Butternut Squash and Apple among others.

To save money, be on the lookout for deals and discounts. Organic Happy Family offers a number of bundle deals on their website. You can also have a look at their website to learn more about nutrition facts and the company’s story.

Newbies can start by purchasing an exciting bundle deal from the brand’s website. The bundle includes probiotic cereals, organic snacks and of course fruit and vegetable pouches. The bundle features an exciting assortment of unique recipes that will soothe your baby’s newly developing gums.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Happy Tot Organics Super Foods, Pears, Mangos and Spinach + Super Chia is a delicious and exciting product that babies will love. Not to mention, it is not as expensive as other organic baby food brands in the market and uses a unique blend of ingredients.

However, it is probably best that you try a sample of the product first instead of purchasing a whole carton. We also recommend that you try different flavors to enhance your baby’s taste palate.

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