Buyer's Guide To Baby Food

The Importance Of Buying The Best Organic Baby Food

There is no question that organic baby food has become increasingly popular these days.

On top of that there are so many parents across the US and the rest of the world that have started to recognize the real importance of feeding their kids natural, organic food to help increase their immunity, help them to develop strong bones and to provide them with all the nourishment they need.

Baby Boy Eating Fruit In High Chair

Plus, another pretty good thing about all this is the fact that parent are ready to go a bit over their budget to get the best foods for their little angels. This has what increased the popularity of non-GMO food in the market, boosting the sales of some of the healthiest baby foods in the market.

The Best Organic Baby Food

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Our Top Recommendations For Organic Baby Food

Beech-Nut Just Organic Stage 1 Purees

The Beech-Nut Organic Stage 1 baby food is made from a combination of healthy ingredients, with the main ingredient being potatoes.

The potatoes used in the product are organically farmed and are frees from GMOs and other toxic chemicals. 

Beech-Nut Just Organic Stage 1 Purees

Earth's Best Organic Whole Grain Rice Cereal

Earth’s Best baby food is made with organic ingredients and contains non-GMO whole grain rice cereal. The organic food comes with fresh fruits and without fruits.

Plus, the baby food can provide you bundle of joy with 35% to 45% of iron (the daily recommended value for children). The natural baby food contains a healthy combination of essential vitamins and minerals along with dietary fiber.

Earth's Best Organic Whole Grain Rice Cereal

Plum Organics Second Blends Variety Pack

Plum Organics offers a powerful and healthy combination of organic fruits and vegetables. 

They're helping your little bundle of joy to accustom his sense of taste with the many flavors of the world and get strong at the same time. 

Plum Organics Second Blends Variety Pack

Gerber Organic 2nd Food Pouches

When you see that your cute little baby is absolutely ecstatic about his food, this is the time when you give him the best.

The Gerber Organic baby food pouches contain non-GMO ingredients. The ingredients used by the company are grown by certified farmers that adhere to organic methodologies. 

Gerber Organic 2nd Food Pouches

Happy Tot Organics Super Foods

Happy Tot organic baby foods are made with fresh and organically produced fruits and vegetables.

On top of that, they also add powerful nutrients such as Omega-3 fatty acids and fiber in their products as well.

Gerber Organic 2nd Food Pouches

Peter Rabbit Organics, Pea, Spinach And Apple Puree

Peter Rabbit Organics are perfect for infants aged 6 months to above. The product contains organic fruits and vegetables along with a combination of several vitamins and essential nutrients.​

The product comes in a multitude of flavors and its easy packaging will enable you to let your child eat organic food anywhere and anytime.

Peter Rabbit Organics, Pea, Spinach And Apple Puree

Some Of The Best Advantages Of Baby Organic Food

There are numerous reasons why it is so important to provide your baby with a natural and organic source of nutrition. This isn't just because of the fact that organic foods contain fresh and unadulterated ingredients, but because of so many exceptional and healthy effects these foods have.

For example, organic baby food contains an abundance of important nutrients compared to traditionally and chemically farmed baby food products.

According to food scientist, it is also believed that organic food tastes a lot better and fresher than GMO baby food products. Why? Well, that is primarily because of the fact that the body essentially does not get used to absorbing several additives and non-organic ingredients – which can also cause a lot of harm to the baby as he grows up.

As a general rule, it is always wise to say no to food products that are made using a lot of salts or food that are high in a number of different types of artificial or GMO products – and this is especially true when it comes to the nutrition and health of your baby and/or toddler.

When your baby begins to wean, which is what happens when he starts to get accustomed to his sense of taste and begins tasting other things besides his mother’s milk, it is very good idea to not make him habitual of non-organic foods that contain artificial ingredients.

Small Girl Eating Fruit in a Park

If you start feeding them with processed foods at this age, they will naturally become used to the flavor and taste of the product you are feeding them. This taste will probably turn into habit over the course of a couple of years.

The best organic baby food is also a wise option for new parents that are worried about food items that contain many chemicals. You have to understand that a baby’s body does not have the strength or the immunity to withstand and process chemical ingredients – which in turn cause dangerous side effects and adverse reactions.

Organic baby foods contain 95% fewer artificial ingredients and GMO based ingredients and chemicals. This means organic foods can help your baby get the best of the best in nutrition and at the same time, these foods will also help the baby get stronger and will keep his body away from harmful toxins.

Babies and toddlers loves to eat their greens and fruits – which is why it is important to avoid buying fruits and vegetables that have processed using pesticides. You have no idea how good of a difference this will make.

In light of this, mentioned below are some other powerful benefits of feeding your baby Earthland’s best baby food:

Significantly Reduced Chances Of Contamination

It is strongly suggests that parents should either invest in non-GMO organic and natural baby food in the market or invest in organic farming, growing their own vegetables and fruits to make 100% natural baby food, which will be free from toxic chemicals and contaminants such as pesticides, fluoride and insecticides.

Baby on an Organic Farm

Even if you feed your baby tiny amounts of food that contain toxins, your baby will stand a high chance of developing immune system complications, stomach problems and may also highly sensitive.

As a rule of thumb, whenever you peel fruits and vegetables and see that they have thin layers of skin for example, carrots, pears, peaches, strawberries, blueberries, etc. chances are they might have been treated with pesticides.

Increased Nutritional Value

Sure, there is yet to be scientific proof that organic baby food has a higher count in terms of nutrition compared to traditional baby food, Dr. William Sears (expert in parenting) states that preliminary scientific results and studies have identified the fact baby food made with organic fruits and vegetables may have a higher nutrient count.

Gerber organic baby food pouches

This is why he strongly suggests that parents should always feed their babies Gerber organic baby food, which is made from unprocessed dairy products, fruits, vegetables and lean proteins.

Plus, whenever you are out shopping for the best organic baby food, always pay close attention to the labels, read the ingredients carefully and check for the nutritive value of the product because a lot of traditional baby food brands add a lot of processed ingredients to make up for the total nutritive value of the product.

According to Sears, it is wise to check for labels that state “made with organically produced ingredients” or “certified organic baby food”.

You Will Be Practicing Sustainable Feeding

Feeding your baby natural foods is a practice that provides parents with an abundance of benefits. For example, you will always have a peace of mind that your baby is getting the best organic baby food. Secondly, you will rest assured the baby the baby is getting all the nutrients from fresh fruits and vegetables.

Moreover, these benefits also drive some parents to setting up their small organic farms. On top of that, buying non-organic baby food that is processed and is made from dairy and poultry ingredients means that there is a very high chance the meat or other ingredients have been made with farm animals that have been subject to antibiotic injections.

Girl Holding Vegetables from a Small Organic Farm

In addition, it is also important to realize that traditional dairy and poultry products are harvested from cows and chickens that have been given several growth hormones – which significantly minimize the life span of the animal.

The Reality Of Health Baby Foods And Formulas

There is no doubt that organic and natural baby foods are the top choices parents can make to provide their babies with vital nutrients.

According to scientific research, it has been determined repeatedly those children who eat and drink food items that are made with natural, unprocessed ingredients have considerably reduced levels of chemicals and toxins in their bodies.

Moreover, there is also no denying the fact organic food substances and ingredients can minimize your child’s exposure to chemicals and toxins.

Regrettably, many chemicals in the form of pesticides and insecticides used to keep crops safe are scientifically believed to causes debilitating diseases such as cancer. A lot of these toxins and foreign contaminants can wreak havoc on your child’s hormonal system, causing imbalances in testosterone and estrogen levels.

According to the AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics), toxins and chemicals from processed and artificial ingredients can result in pesticide poisoning and toxicity in the baby.

Moreover, these health issues can give birth to several other problems the baby’s system is not ready to handle. Sure, there is no real way of limiting the exposure to environmental pollutants and toxins, however, what you can you do is start feeding your child natural foods so that his body grows strong and resistant.

Plum Organics Second Blends Variety Pack Review

Unlike conventional baby food, Plum organic baby foods contain a considerably lower amount of chemicals. Remember that selecting natural and Beechnut organic baby food and even poultry or dairy products is the perfect way to make sure your baby remains safe from being exposed to hormone disruptors and foreign contaminants.

According to a scientific research that was undertaken by the famous Organic Valley, it was discovered that milk produced from organic means has increased levels of Omega-3 fatty acids, which is excellent for enhancing your heart health. The organic food items you feed your baby guarantee increased health and great taste.

Be Concerned About The Foods Your Baby Eats

It is important to understand that vegetables, poultry items, proteins, dairy products and fruits may all contain a high amount of pesticides and other chemical residues that are impossible to wash off.

While pesticides are important to keep the crop healthy and free of degradation – but the flipside is they cause a lot of adverse reactions and can cause debilitating health issues such as cancer, liver disease, stomach issues and cardiovascular complications.

In addition, increased exposure to chemical can also results in organ damage and the child may even develop reproductive problems in the long run.

Moreover, you have to realize that babies are very susceptible to chemicals because they have weak immunity, which is in the developmental stage.

Moreover, another possible reason why they don’t develop a strong immunity quickly is because they are accustomed to eating certain food more than adolescents and adults – bananas and carrots are a prime example.

Babies Are Exposed To Foreign Contaminants Before Birth

The fetus growing inside the womb of the mother can easily be exposed to dangerous toxins and chemicals as well as pesticide toxicity.

According to a joint research undertaken by the prestigious University of California and Columbia University determined that pregnant women who eat foods that contain increased levels of organophosphate had decreased Intelligence Quotient compared to their peers.

Why You Should Start Feeding Your Kid Organic Foods

It is important to understand that the best organic baby food from an earlier stage can help him to build a stronger gastrointestinal tract. It is important to understand that infants are more susceptible to developing certain health disorders because of pesticide toxicity.

Moreover, babies can easily be exposed to chemicals and pesticides through their gastrointestinal tract. This is primarily due to the fact that their stomach is still developing.

Moreover, babies do not have the strength to process chemical and toxins, their stomach and liver cannot process and breakdown harmful chemicals that they are exposed to because of eating conventional baby food.

So many parents do not have a clue that consuming contaminated food items isn't the only factor that can lead their babies to developing pesticide poisoning. You have to understand that toxins and chemicals are present even present in milk and your normal drinking water.

This is the reason you should always keep an eye on your child, if you drop something in the water or the milk in his feeder and then drinks it, he may very well be exposed to dangerous chemicals. So, do not let him do that!

Baby Looking at Camera While Eating Baby Food

There is no question that organic baby food can be perfect for infants and toddlers compared to your everyday baby formulas and foods. According to several scientific studies, the milk that is processed organically contains far more brain boosting Omega-3 fatty acids compared to the milk that is processed using traditional means.

Omega-3 fatty acids are known to help increase brain health, which is what your baby needs at his tender age. On top of that, Omega-3 fatty acids can also help your baby develop a stronger immunity against germs and viruses. This goes the same for inflammation and other health problems.

The Omega-3 fatty acids in the milk you give your toddlers will help his brain develop faster and stronger. This is why it is important to add a healthy portion of organic milk in your toddler’s daily diet so that his body absorbs more and more of these fatty acids.

After you baby reached the age of 6 months, it is important to start him on fruits and veggies that are organically produced. Food ingredients that are processed organically have significantly lower levels of pesticides. However, it is still vital to wash and clean the vegetables and fruits you get before preparing them for your baby.

This is the time when you start providing your toddler with organically processed poultry and meat. Organic meat and poultry comes cattle, sheep and chickens that are naturally grown through good and healthy feed.

These animals are not given steroidal injection or antibiotics. Conventional baby food products contain artificial flavors and contain the meat of animal that are given antibiotics.

Quality Conventional VS Organically Produced Baby Food

When you become a parent nothing is more difficult than to decide on a healthy diet to feed your kid. That is really understandable because there are so many choices you can select from. The varieties available in the market are dizzying and can easily back you on in a corner, which might even lead to buy the wrong stuff.

When it comes to organic food, the main thing to understand is the fact all ingredients used to make the product are organically produced and harvested. Non-GMO baby food contains significantly lesser amount of chemicals compared to even the most popular conventional baby food brand.

Bottle of Natural and Bottle of Organic Food

Commercial baby food brand uses a lot of artificial flavors and additives to make up for the loss in nutritive value. This is the exact opposite of what the best organic baby food products do.

This is why it is always important to check the list of ingredients to analyze what exactly is it that commercial and organic companies use to make their products. Always look for labels that say “USDA Organic Certified”. Commercial grade baby foods do not have this label, which can make things easy for you.

Is Preparing An Organic Formula Difficult At Home?

If you are looking to make your own organic baby food at home, you absolutely can and it isn't difficult in the very least. All you have to do is bring organic fruits and vegetables, wash and clean them, then just puree certain portion of your favorite fruits or veggies and put them in the freezer.

The perfect solution to making organic food is to make small batches of different fruits and vegetables so that you baby can taste and eat the many bounties of nature. Based on his reaction, you will easily be able to tell what food types are his favorite and the fruits and veggies he doesn’t quite like.

Storing Organic Baby Food in Cups

Being a new mother can be a daunting undertaking, you have absolutely no experience and you are clueless as to the type of foods you should give your baby. However, the best organic foods are the ultimate solution to the problem.

Sure, they might be a bit expensive, but think of your baby’s health both in the long and short term. Never compromise on his health and feed the best of the best so that he grows big and strong.


So there you go, all you need to know about the importance of organic food and why you should buy the best organic baby food for a big and strong child.

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